6 Methods To Get An Affordable Home Without Leaving Your Neighborhood

You love your neighborhood and would never want to live anywhere else — but your home situation is another story. Good news! Since you’re already well-acquainted with your neighborhood, you can take advantage of some under-the-radar hacks that can help you find a home for sale.

1. Tap into your local network
-Be the one who gets the scoop on homes that aren’t yet on the market — but might be listed for sale soon.
2. Ask your agent about off-market or pocket listings
-Getting a house off-market or through a pocket listing gets you into a home before the competition (and bidding wars) begins.
3. Keep tabs on recent nearby sales
-Once you know the selling prices, you can be more confident if you intend to offer lower than the list price.
4. Arrange a home swap
-Here’s how it works: If you’re looking to move into a larger home, for example, and you know or have heard about an empty-nest couple looking to downsize, a home swap could be a great solution for both parties.
5. Tap into your inner Sherlock
-If you love looking for clues and conducting research, you’re a natural-born detective, which is a great skill to use when combing your neighborhood for a deal.
6. Look into government programs
-If you’re a teacher, police officer, firefighter, or an emergency medical technician, you can take advantage of the Good Neighbor Next Door program through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.