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Todd Andersen, President/Dealer/Owner

As the President and founder of White Knight Enterprises I can say with confidence that we are the pioneers and the unmatched industry leader. We have the largest and most dynamic Used Manufactured and Mobile Home Dealership in Northern Nevada. In addition, we are also a full service Real Estate company that can take care of any of your home needs. Whether you are a first time buyer interested in a Manufactured Home or selling your million dollar home. We have experts in the industry available to help you.
White Knight was established in 2004, with the goal of transforming this industry. We are proud to say that the name of our company originated by numerous customers continually commenting and referring to us as the White Knight’s. We were so kindly given this nickname because we always had everyone’s best interest in mind, we believed in doing what was right and always taking care of our customers. We have done this by building our company and reputation on strong ethics, values, honesty and trust.


Matt Montgomery, Broker/Director

Matt MontgomeryOur broker, Matt Montgomery, could not be a better fit for what he has brought to our company. His combined 25 plus years of top notch customer service, expertise and professionalism mixed with community outreach, treating everything and everyone with the respect they deserve, is exactly what White Knight wanted and needed in a Broker.
Matt believes in giving every client and transaction the highest level of attention to detail. In doing so he provides each agent with support, education, sound advice and all the tools necessary for that agent to make every client transaction go smooth, seamless and become a positive and happy experience.
Matt knows all people have different levels of Real Estate needs… What’s most important is that there all handled with care.

Our Primary Commitment

We believe that buying or selling a home should be a positive experience. As well, we understand the importance of “home”, and taking care of you and your home is our primary commitment. Whether you are buying or selling, your goals and what’s important to you becomes what’s important to us.
We spend a great deal of time and money continuing to develop White Knight, our sales team, website, technology and overall protocol so that we can be confident we are always providing the best possible service and product for our customers. We never rest on our laurels; we are constantly striving to improve everything we do, no matter how big or how small.

Our Professional Team

We have an incredible team here at White Knight that has been carefully selected by me, Todd V. Andersen, as the President and Owner. We are proud to say that every person on our team brings unique qualities that contribute to the on-going success of White Knight. We consider ourselves to be a caring family that works in a cohesive team environment, daily striving to improve White Knight while continuing to provide superior service to our valued clientele.


Full-Time Receptionist

We have full-time receptionists to ensure that someone is always available to answer every inquiry as well as a marketing/graphic design assistant so we can advertise your home professionally and efficiently. Additionally our agents answer phones on weekends, evenings and holidays. We are here to serve you from 8am to 8pm seven days a week.

White Knight´s solid foundation is based on our dedication to excellence. We have become the largest, most respected dealership in Northern Nevada, and at White Knight, we are here to take care of YOU. Today, tomorrow and for many years to come!

We look forward to adding you to our always growing family of Happy Customers.