Want New? Have You Heard of Clayton Homes?

Want New? Have You Heard of Clayton Homes?

Clayton manufactured homes give you the options you need! They offer multiple floor plans. Whether you’re looking for a larger family home or you want to downsize, Clayton has a floor plan that fits your lifestyle!

Why Clayton?

Their innovations in building Clayton manufactured homes allow for improved efficiency and energy conservation. Clayton precision-builds each home in order to reduce cost and waste, and lowers end costs by buying brand name products in bulk. This means Clayton manufactured homes are more affordable for more home. Check out options on our home page or with your closest home center!

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How Much Time Do You Have?

How much time do you have?

63% of American homeowners spent under six months looking for a new home before they made a purchase. Browse through our website and start your search today!

May I move my manufactured home to another location?

Yes, but make sure you use a transport company that is familiar with the laws for moving such structures. You should also consider the zone for which the manufactured home was originally constructed. Never move a manufactured home to a zone with more restrictive wind, thermal, or roof load requirements than the zone for which it was built. Check the data plate for zoning information. Climate differences and the cost of moving your manufactured home might make it more practical to sell it and purchase another at your new location.



The affordability of manufactured housing can be attributed directly to the efficiencies emanating from the factory-building process. The controlled construction environment and assembly line techniques remove many of the problems encountered during traditional home construction, such as poor weather, theft, vandalism, damage to building products and materials, and unskilled labor. Factory employees are trained and managed more effectively and efficiently than the system of contracted labor employed by the site-built home construction industry.

Real Estate: An Investment

Real Estate: An Investment

Real estate has been shown to be a good investment, historically. In recent years, many people have lost a lot of money in the real estate market. But, over time, real estate has been shown to be profitable.

As Winter Approaches…

Preparing Your Manufactured Home For Winter:

1. Skirting should be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions, keeping in mind to allow adequate ventilation so that odor or condensation problems do not occur. Make sure all drain lines from air conditioner, heat pump, etc drain to outside of home skirting.

2. Close all access points in skirting to keep rodents and other wild animals from living under your home.

3. Adjust storm door closures for proper closing action and latch function to prevent excessive air infiltration.

4. Vent the clothes dryer directly outside the home. Improper venting will contribute to major condensation problems in the home.

5. Water lines should be protected by wrapping them first with an approved heat cable. Install the heat cable per the manufacturer’s instructions, which may vary according to the type of water riser in place. At the beginning of cold weather, check to be sure heat tapes are plugged in and in good working condition. If you are planning on being away for an extended period of time, it is best to shut off water supply completely.

6. Sewer lines should be installed to allow proper angle for good drainage. If your sewer line has any sag or low spots, tie the line up to the frame or place a block underneath. Water will lie in these low spots and freeze.

7. Furnace filters should be installed and cleaned regularly (monthly) as air cannot pass through a dirty filter thereby increasing your operating costs.

8. Check for ice or snow buildup around your furnace or water heater roof caps. It is important to keep this area open to provide for proper operation.

9. During periods of severe cold, leave cupboard and closet doors open at night and when you are away so that heat may circulate in these otherwise cold areas.

10. Avoid pouring small amounts of liquid into sinks and toilets, as a small amount of liquid by itself may freeze in your drain in severe cold weather. Do not leave a small stream of water running from the faucet as this may cause sewer lines to freeze.

11. Check the underside of your home for any holes in the belly board. Be sure all heat registers are in working order and sealed. Replace any inoperative or damaged registers.

12. On multi-section homes, make sure crossover pipe is installed to both halves of the home and are in good working condition. There should be no holes and no water in this pipe and it should be fully insulated.

13. Check to be sure heat tapes are plugged in and in good working condition.

14. Fix all plumbing leaks to keep sewer line from freezing. Sometimes toilet tank leaks can be small and unobservable. To check tank for leak, tie the float up in the evening; and if the tank is lower in the morning, you will know that you have a leak.

15. Keep any fuel tanks as full as possible to avoid freezing.

16. Unhook garden hoses in order to allow freeze-proof faucets to drain.

Rising prices will keep pushing up homeowners’ net worth.

After a 6.3 percent increase over the past year, home prices are poised to rise another 5.2 percent through September 2017, according to a recent report from CoreLogic. Rising prices have doubled the amount of home equity held by Americans with the average homeowner gaining more than $11,000 in home-equity wealth last year alone. If home prices continue to increase as projected, Americans would add $1 trillion in home equity to their collective balance sheets next year.

How to Buy a Mobile Home with Bad Credit

Be sure to evaluate all costs of homeownership, including land rental (or purchase), financing charges, insurance, taxes, maintenance and more. Avoid wrapping costs unnecessarily into your home purchase loan. Interest rates on manufactured home loans that are not tied to land are typically several percentage points higher than typical mortgage loans.

Manufactured Home Insurance?

Are you looking for insurance companies for manufactured homes?

Give Farmers Insurance Mark Jacobs Agency a call at 775-354-1234 OR American Family Insurance, Tony Poalillo, at 775-826-1134 for a quote today!

The Economy in 2017/2018

The US economy is expected to grow at an average of 2.0% in 2017 and 2018.
Realtor.org reports that the economy is on the up and up in the coming year. What does that mean? Well it certainly could imply that despite the rising home costs, there will be more buyers out there benefitting from the economic growth and able to afford the increased prices.”

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